The publication of your work will follow this procedure:

Send us the manuscript of your work in an editable file (extensions .doc, .docx and .odt). We will proceed to a first assessment and then forward them to our Editorial committee, which will assess the suitability of your proposal. Having been approved, we will send you a publication project with the suggested formatting, a preliminary budget, an execution schedule and any other necessary adjustments required to open a publishing contract.

Once all the requirements have been incorporated, you will send us the complete originals and we will begin the process of orthographic, grammatical edits also with content and normative revisions of the text, respecting your linguistic choices, and the specificities of your area of knowledge. 

After said revisions are completed you will receive the revised material for your verification and so that you may carry out any necessary textual changes. NOTE, this is the last opportunity for changes in the content of the work.

When you return the material with all necessary adjustments, we will start the aesthetic design and production for your work. This process is divided into two:

We will prepare an art briefing based on the conceptual and aesthetic references you have indicated to guide the creative process. Based on this information, a cover model will be produced. Also, the internal content of the work (core) will proceed to the text layout.

At the end of this process, you will receive the prototype of your work in a digital file and in print for your verification and approval of the artistic aspects, and you can request improvements in the cover art, in the form of the text, the text layout on the pages and others aesthetic elements.

After the design process is completed the final version of your work will be sent to you for verification and publication authorization. Your work will then proceed to the printing stage (If you decide to print your work). Along with this process, we will forward the registration of the ISBN, the DOI and the catalog card, complying with the legal requirements for registering your work.

NOTE: All deadlines will be defined by mutual agreement in a publication schedule approved by the author and the publisher.

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